Airborne Maps are a solutions focused business, who aim to deliver high precision imagery in a timely and safe manner. Our data deliverables and outcomes are tailored to our clients specific data needs, data formats and mapping platforms.

Data deliverables include:

Ortho-photos – orthorectified true to scale aerial images.

Digital Surface Models (DSM) – models based on all reflecting surfaces including trees, buildings etc.

Digital Elevation Models (DEM) – terrain models formed by extrapolating reliable ground points and classifying out foliage and other unwanted features.

3D point clouds – Datasets in a 3D coordinate system that represents the external surface of an object, similar to a model created by Lidar.

Specific data outcomes include:

Stockpile reconciliations – eg woodchip tonnages, gravel stockpiles, log volumes.

Stocking counts – automated counts of individual tree stems per plot.

Canopy height models – individual tree height analysis (min, max, average).

Density maps – eg heatmaps of number of stems per hectare.

LAI – Leaf Area Index calculation.

NDVI – Normalised Difference Vegetation Index.

Vegetation health profile – plant health and profile monitoring.

Invasive weed detection – eg Sydney wattle survey mapping .

Insect Surveillance – insect egg counts in canopy and NDVI crop health.

Crop scouting – real time assessment of crop.

Precision Agriculture – output of accurate data to variable rate machinery.