Airborne Maps specialise in precision drone imaging for a variety of spatial data acquisition, analytics and mapping applications. We offer both multi-rotor (sub-25kg) and fixed wing drones with 16 to 24 megapixel cameras, in RGB and NIR spectral bands, depending on the data requirements and deliverables.

Our commitment to safety and client satisfaction is foremost. A high level of detail regarding flight planning, pre-flight checks, safety inductions and procedural documentation is stringently adhered to at all times.

Airborne Maps are fully certified CASA operators with comprehensive aviation and public liability insurance.


Airborne Maps are a small local business based in Albany, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. It is a partnership between Peter Banyard and Steve Ayling, bringing together their Spatial Sciences knowledge and practical work-life experience. Both Peter and Steve have a wealth of experience with a suite of software applications, they are proficient with spatial data acquisition, manipulation, and integration.

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Airborne Maps are a solutions focused business, who aim to deliver high precision imagery in a timely and safe manner. Our data deliverables and outcomes are tailored to our clients specific data needs, data formats and mapping platforms.

Data deliverables include:

Ortho-photos – orthorectified true to scale aerial images.

Digital Surface Models (DSM) – models based on all reflecting surfaces including trees, buildings etc.

Digital Elevation Models (DEM) – terrain models formed by extrapolating reliable ground points and classifying out foliage and other unwanted features.

3D point clouds – Datasets in a 3D coordinate system that represents the external surface of an object, similar to a model created by Lidar.

Specific data outcomes include:

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